Aligarh Development Authority

Functions of Land Acquisition

The employees discharges the functions as per following rules regulations, instructions and manuals:

  • Formulate various land acquisition proposals for planned development.
  • Send Land Acquisition Proposal to Government/ DM for issuing notification under section 4 & 6 of LA Act
  • Takeover the possession of notified land from ADM(LA)/ DM
  • Keep the record of acquired land,possession taken over and money transferred to ADM(LA) for disbursement of compensation
  • Get award of the notified Land declared by competent authority.
  • Get adjustment details in prescribed form for amount transferred to ADM(LA) for disbursement of compensation.
  • Get the mutation done in favour of DA for the acquired land.
  • Keep the record and pursue cases filed in Supreme Court, High Court, Civil Court and Tribunal Courts against the notifications, awards and other related issues
  • Provide status information about the various land to planning, engineering and building section.